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“Quick wins” good for diversity, but more lateral approach needed

Organisations are building some “quick wins” toward their diversity targets by boosting the numbers of senior women in traditionally female-dominated areas of business, but gender diversity experts say they need to broaden their approach in order to make real progress. According to Emberin founder Maureen Frank, many organisations subject to the ASX gender diversity guidelines…

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12 Ways to Support Your Working Parents in 2012 – Practical Tips and Ideas!

1.      ‘Career After Kids’ Seminar – 2.5hr seminar to help your parents return to work and manage work life balance. With reputable career coaches your presenters, this seminar is designed exclusively for mums and dads needing assistance to: ·         Plan and prepare to re-enter the workplace ·         Review their career and explore flexible work options…

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Dads with Babies Are Tired in the Workplace

It’s time to start thinking about Dads also. In these times, Dads are becoming more engaged in their children’s lives, often experiencing similar fatigue to that of their partners. After all, they sleep in the same house! Here’s some stats we found: Because of interrupted sleep, 75% of working fathers with 12-week-old babies report fatigue…

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