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‘Workplace Redesign’ only path to gender equality

Two peak think-tanks have called for a complete ‘workplace redesign’, saying workplace gender inequality will persist until organisations rethink their approach to leadership. Despite some key advances for women in the workforce and the growing body of evidence demonstrating a strong business case for gender diversity, women remain underrepresented in management and leadership roles, and…

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Women make better leaders in turbulent times: true or false?

New evidence suggests that women may be better than their male counterparts in improving employee morale, motivation and performance – crucial factors that can enhance chances of organizations survival in turbulent times – according to Shabeer Ahmad on Ahmad says that during turbulent times, “a management style that is more characteristic of women leaders…

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Diversity can lead to conflict, or respect

Difference in the workplace often creates misunderstandings that give rise to conflict, but with the right management approach, difference can lead to respect, says Macquarie University professor of management Lucy Taksa. Employers should recognise the fact that difference is difficult and creates issues between workers that need to be resolved, she says. Without proper training,…

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