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Demystifying Kindy – What Parents Can Expect

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What is the first year of primary school like for you as the parent? The child care centre your child is leaving and the school your child is going to is very much focused on the child’s point of view, and rightly so. But what support is on offer for parents? Sure, we’ve all experienced the transition ourselves as little ones but how much of it do we really remember? Plus, the world of primary school is quite different when you’re approaching it from a parent’s perspective.

It’s a little like the first week our first new born arrived? You know it will be ok, that you have the instincts to get you through but wouldn’t it be great if you had an insider’s guide to what this parenting gig is really all about? It would be great for that first year of school too.

Which brings us to the topic of our recent webinar – Starting School in 2017: Demystifying Kindy and Emotional Wellbeing for the First Years of School.

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