Parental Leave

Addressing the ‘motherhood penalty’: Make dads more than an ‘optional extra’ in parental leave policy to close the gender equality gap

The number of working parents – particularly working mothers – continues to rise and yet the number dads taking parental leave persistently isn’t budging – with only 2% of Australian dads taking parental leave. “An investigation by the Diversity Council in 2014 found raising children accounted for ‘a 17% loss in lifetime wages for women’.…

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How Australian Businesses Can Better Support Working Dads

These days, working while raising children is increasingly common. According to the ABS Survey of Employment Arrangements, Retirement and Superannuation, 62% of coupled parents work, while 60% of single parents work. What’s more, 90% of dads with children under 15 are employed, meaning the vast majority of Australian fathers are juggling work and parenting commitments…

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