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Connecting with Kids: Building resilience and self-worth in your children – Our special event reviewed

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Yesterday Parents@Work hosted their first special event Connecting with Kids: Building resilience and self-worth in your children. Emma Walsh, founder of Parents@Work interviewed positive psychologist Sarah-Jayne Whiston from Bright Ideas Psychology.

The interaction and personal sharing’s of Sarah-Jayne and the other participants on the call (including our host Emma!) were invaluable. It felt like a very supportive place to delve into some hot topics we don’t often get the chance to explore in our day-to-day business of being a working parent.

The session was jam packed with gems of wisdom but the key take-outs were…

  • We build strong foundations of a deep connection with our children by consistently offering them open and honest communication
  • Question yourself: ‘how much are you really open to the connection and understanding of the ‘world of the child’?
  • Honour your child when they offer a reflection – check in with your own ‘vibe’ or energy and ask yourself if you could be a more active listener.
  • Self-care is our number one responsibility as a parent. Similar to being on a flight – we need to adjust our facemask in an emergency first if we are to effectively support another.
  • Mindfulness and ‘dropping back into the body’ are key tools to developing great self-awareness and self-care.
  • Take care how you’re thinking about work. You choose how you start your day and remember your presence is contagious – there is a great responsibility in that – both as a parents and a worker.
  • It is normal to be human and make mistakes – no one is perfect, not even Supermum! Bring understanding to the picture whenever things go awry.
  • Communication and expression doesn’t always have to be positive. Allow space for all feelings – your own and your child’s.
  • Bring lightness to the mix. A playful attitude as well as being present, understanding and flexible are key ingredients to building a strong connection with children of any age.
  • Quality over quantity time with children needs to be valued, especially where guilt gets in the way of a parents perception or judgement of themselves.
  • It is possible to re-build a deep connection when children get older. We can do this by adapting to their changing needs, offering them more responsibility to build trust and allowing them the space to make their own mistakes without judgement or ridicule.
  • We can support children to deal with bullying and peer pressure by equipping them with the skills to 1) deal with rejection and 2) to respond in a way that fosters self-empowerment and integrity i.e. role modelling what loving behaviour looks like.

Dialling in to the teleconference on my mobile made the experience so simple to be a part of. I didn’t feel the need to speak as I didn’t have any burning questions at the time however I got so much out of hearing the experiences and queries of other working parents – they actually helped me realise I did have some questions!

Thank you SJ, Emma and Parents@Work – I’m definitely looking forward to more.

Teleconference attendee and working parent.

The Recording

If you missed out on joining this special event and would like a recording of the call, please request one via

Further Information

If you would like to get in touch with Sarah-Jayne Whiston visit Bright Ideas Psychology.

T: 0423 220 776

Suite 310, 20 Dale Street, Brookvale

Another great resource SJ recommends for working parents is the Raising Children website. They have a whole series on Work and Child Care articles.

Connecting with Kids:  Building resilience and self-worth in your children Course Outline.

More special events are already planned. To receive updates and what courses and special events Parents@Work run subscribe to our monthly newsletter here (scroll to the bottom of the page for the sign up form).

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5 things employers can do to help women re-enter the workforce

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The Mother’s Day budget announcement that parents would not be eligible for Paid Parental Leave from both the government and their employer was saddening to say the least. This counter-intuitive policy shows the government is disregarding research around the benefits of quality time in the first year where mothers can bond and establish breastfeeding with their child.

Apart from supporting campaigns to encourage the government to revisit their policy there is wider responsibility the business community should acknowledge. PPL combined with other programs to support and help retain staff, have real impacts on productivity and make employees happier and more engaged. These should be part of the push to address gender equity in the workplace and support working parents, contributing to the economy especially mothers. Here are 5 things businesses can consider:

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Your Sneak Peek: Career After Kids NEW Series for 2015

Laughing businesswoman  at meeting

The “Career After Kids” series is designed to provide a vital network of support and information to assist working parents to manage work, family and caring needs through their life stages and career transition points.


BenefitsGirl holding blank membership card

  • Improved access to caring support for all employees
  • Meet WGEA commitments and decrease potential pregnancy and caring discrimination issues
  • Build a broader, diverse talent pool of leaders that have the support they need to advance their career as they balance caring needs
  • Diverse range of topics to specifically address working parents and carers
  • Online access to forums for every employee
  • Automated and outsourced administration function run by Parents@Work

Supporting Parents

  • Preparing for leave
  • Returning to work, negotiating flexible work
  • Review career and wellbeing options
  • Balance work and family challenges
  • Maintain and develop their career while being a carer
  • Create opportunities to network with others

The participants are able to self-manage and can select their own course appropriate to their needs. For example, they may wish to complete both the ‘preparing for parental leave’ and ‘return to work’ courses.

The Career After Kids courses available in 2015 are:

1. Preparing for parental leave and staying in touch Course

- making the transition to leave easier

This course will benefit parents preparing for leave to ensure they have considered their transition plan as they go on leave; how they can stay in touch whilst on leave and obtain important tips & checklists on preparing, their entitlements and working while pregnant.

2. Returning to work and reconnecting Course

- planning and preparing work and family for your return & reconnecting once back

This course will benefit parents and carers who are currently on leave or have recently returned to work and who are looking to reconnect back to work, review their role, reintegrate with their team, negotiate more flexibility or are managing the transition from full time to part time.

3. Managing your career Course

-  working flexibly and balancing work & life

-  reviewing your career and life plans and making them work for you

This course will benefit parents and carers who want to review and discuss career plans, life goals or improve family balance or are experiencing changes in the workplace or at home they need assistance with.

4. Care for kids, yourself and others Course

- a guide to choosing the right care support needs for you and your family 

This course will benefit parents and carers who are looking to review their care needs and how to access support as required. This may include help to review child care needs or others’ care needs in the family – where to get ‘at-home’ support and more.  With a focus on helping balance carer needs and improving wellbeing whilst juggling work and family life.

A Career After Kids membership gives your employees unlimited access to all four (4) courses for 12 months.

Once enrolled in a particular course working parents will be sent resources and workbooks to work through and have access to a career coach. Once they have completed the pre-work, parents can participate in the online forum where their career coach will be available to answer any questions or provide further assistance needed.

Sneak Peek Video

If you have parents that would benefit contact us now FOR YOUR SNEAK PEEK OF THE CAREER AFTER KIDS SERIES. Or enrol your employees now. Email 



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