Top ten tips for step parents; there is no one size fits all

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Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that parenting is a challenge at the best of times. Stepparenting, shared parenting, coparenting and blended families are becoming more and more common around the world. Here are my top 10 tips for you, if you start feeling a little overwhelmed. You will not be the only stepparent who […]

Global Day of Parents; great parenting never asks for perfection

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Every year on June 1st we celebrate Global Day of Parents; a day dedicated to recognising and appreciating parents for their commitment to raising and nurturing children. This years theme is centred on recognising parents’ worth & affection and the time and care they give to their children. Most parents will tell you that raising […]

Storytelling Working Parent Style

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Join parents from diverse backgrounds as they share their juggle strategies in celebration of National Families Week. National Families Week (15th – 21st May) is an opportunity to not only celebrate the people in our lives we call family, but to reflect upon the importance of family as a foundation of our development through life. […]

One Dads 14 Week Paid Parental Leave Experience

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How do other families do it? Parental leave that is. One may assume there’s only one way to do it and that is to just take what you can get – be that from the Government or an employer. But in fact there are so many ways you can take parental leave these days. So, […]

Warm Welcome to Optus as our Latest Family-Friendly Employer

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Parents At Work are thrilled to welcome our newest Employer Member Optus to our growing number of family-friendly organisations. Optus are committed to providing a family-friendly workplace environment for all of their employees, and Parents At Work are excited to support them in this journey. “Optus knows that every family is different and can be […]

Saving Childcare: Employers Must Be Part of the Solution

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“As a nation we must do everything to avert a disastrous child care industry collapse.  That can’t happen unless we radically rethink some of the highly complex structures of child care subsidies and legislation at a state and federal level” Emma Walsh, CEO Parents At Work. Impending disaster facing child care industry Imagine having access […]

Working during self-isolation: How to support yourself and the kids

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As schools close or prepare to close around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people start working from home in droves, working parents are in unchartered territory, without certainty about how they’ll effectively manage work and educate their children. Many parents are worried, anxious and fearful – about their families’ health and about […]

Employer Roundtable Webinar Event – An Invitation

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The future of work and family – creating family friendly workplaces On behalf of APLEN (Advancing Parental Leave Equality Network), Parents At Work and KPMG, we invite you to join us for this webinar as we share highlights of the National Working Families Report and discuss implications for the future of work and family, especially […]

Launching a New Podcast Series Just For Dads Juggling Career and Family

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“I found becoming a dad pretty disorientating. It changed my priorities, my attitude to work and had a big impact on my relationship, too.  Trying to navigate that wasn’t always easy. But chatting to other dads often helped, plus I picked up the odd tip (i.e. wearing T-shirts inside-out until you leave the house will […]