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3 skills working parents and their managers must develop

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Working parents need 3 core skills to ‘thrive’ at work and at home: Adaptability, Flexibility and Resilience. 

We’ve all heard the expression “Got a job to do? Give it to a busy person (aka: mum).” But just how much can one busy ‘hands on’ mum or dad handle before the juggling balls begin to fall and bounce all over the place? How is your corporate culture contributing to the success or failure of your working parents’ ability to respond to the ever changing needs of their family and job?

Organisations who strive to help their people achieve their maximum potential ‘get it.’ It means providing employees with the necessary tools, support and training to be Adaptive, Flexible and Resilient to cope with the ups and downs of life being a ‘worker’ and a ‘parent’. Here’s some tips to help your organisation build resilience, adaptability and flexibility amongst your working parents: Continue reading

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