Recognising Domestic Violence in the Workplace: How you can help!

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In Australia, approximately one woman is killed by her current or former partner every week, often after a history of domestic and family violence. 34% of women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15. 17% of women have experienced violence from a current or former partner since the age of 15 (compared to […]

Supporting Employees Through Perinatal Anxiety and Depression

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Depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the first year of parenting (the perinatal period) affects around 20% of mothers and 10% of fathers. That is almost 100,000 parents in Australia each year. Many of these parents continue their everyday life, including their employment, with those around them unaware of their suffering. This year, the Perinatal Anxiety […]

PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia: New Resources

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The current global crisis can have a major impact on how expecting and new parents feel about being pregnant or bringing a new little one into the world. It can be hard to balance the joy and excitement of pregnancy or having a new baby with a concern for what the future holds. Parents At […]

Supporting your child’s mental health through COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic is having an affect on almost every aspect of our lives – it’s safe to say we are all touched by it in some way. Some parents are concerned about their children and how they’re dealing with the situation, and may be unsure about how to discuss the challenges that arise with […]

Open Letters to New Fathers and Pregnant Women during Covid-19

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Parents At Work recognise that the Covid-19 pandemic may be causing unease for parents-to-be and new parents. As strong advocates for ‘sharing the care’, we believe this is even more pertinent in these challenging times. Richard Fletcher from SMS4dads has written an open letter for new fathers at this time. Dr Vijay Roach, President of […]

Working during self-isolation: How to support yourself and the kids

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As schools close or prepare to close around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic and people start working from home in droves, working parents are in unchartered territory, without certainty about how they’ll effectively manage work and educate their children. Many parents are worried, anxious and fearful – about their families’ health and about […]