How NBCUniversal deploys ‘Ambassadors’ to support women

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Rebecca Heredia’s career in media and entertainment took years of hard work to achieve, including plenty of rejections and more than a dozen interviews before getting her first job in the industry.  Now that she’s Director of Human Resources for Comcast NBCUniversal APAC, working to support a workforce made up of other women who’ve also […]

Global Workplace Equality Leader Urges Changes to Parental Leave Amendment

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Enhanced paid parental leave and gender-neutral policies are key if Australian employers are to meet gender and wage gap targets says Parents At Work CEO Key Points 20 February (Canberra, ACT) – Parents At Work CEO Emma Walsh will today appear before a Senate Committee Inquiry to push for Parliament to enact world-leading policies for […]

New report evidences key enablers and benefits of Family Friendly Workplaces

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Flexible work and gender-neutral policies key priorities for family focused Australian employers Highlights Key Findings 
 1 June 2022 (Sydney) – Family Friendly Workplaces (“FFW”), a joint initiative by Parents At Work and UNICEF Australia, has today released its first report, Bridging the Work and Family Divide: Understanding the Benefits of Family Friendly Workplaces (“the […]

How progressive employers are supporting new parents to navigate the highs and lows

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When work and parenthood collide, undeniably, sparks will fly. The two paradigms of career and family have often been seen as connected, yet still separate parts of our lives, very much with their own agendas. When those agendas cross over – we call it ‘the juggle’ zone. With the rise of smart technology and throw in […]

Can ‘the juggle’ ever be smooth? – tips for a successful parental leave transition

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We were recently speaking with a client about parental leave transition for their working families when the word ‘smooth’ came up in conversation. The immediate reaction (and questioning) was, can the parental leave transition ever be smooth? Over the years our coaching team have transitioned from parental leave themselves many times over and coached countless […]

Gender-Equal Parental Leave in Action – A Professional Couple’s Perspective

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It’s not often you get to hear from a professional couple who have both taken parental leave. In this special podcast we interview Michael Brosnan, Manager at Deloitte, and Annaliese Van Riet, People and Culture Leader, about their experience of becoming new parents and how Deloitte’s parental policies have made achieving a balance between work […]

Achieving Parental Leave Equality Sydney: Roundtable Discussion Report

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‘Despite the rapid rate in which mothers have returned to the workforce over the past 10 – 20 years, there has been almost zero shift in the percentage of men taking up parental leave or opting to stay at home as the primary carer.’ – Excerpt from Roundtable Discussion Report The first national roundtable discussion […]