Carers Week 2020: 1.5 billion / week is just one reason ‘why we care’

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With all the events that have transpired this year, carers deserve recognition now more than ever. In this podcast, Emma Walsh, CEO of Parents At Work, interviews CEO of Carers Australia, Liz Callaghan, to discuss both the work of Carers Australia and National Carers Week. National Carers Week aims to recognise the 2.65 million unpaid […]

Has COVID-19 changed Fatherhood? An interview with Blake Woodward

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Blake Woodward is a dad, management consultant and founder of Suit Tie Stroller – a website supporting corporate dads in finding work life balance while raising a family, as well as advocating for gender-equal parental leave and support policies. Blake took extensive parental leave for each of his two kids to be the primary carer and […]

Launching a New Podcast Series Just For Dads Juggling Career and Family

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“I found becoming a dad pretty disorientating. It changed my priorities, my attitude to work and had a big impact on my relationship, too.  Trying to navigate that wasn’t always easy. But chatting to other dads often helped, plus I picked up the odd tip (i.e. wearing T-shirts inside-out until you leave the house will […]